Thursday, March 10, 2005

Armed and Dangerous

Beware. I armed and dangerous...with a digital camera, that is. As part of our tax refund fun, my husband and I decided to get a digital camera. We agreed that the limit was about $130 but we ended up paying more. Oh well. It looks like it's going to be a really good camera.It's a Pentax S40 and without the batteries it weighs only slightly more than the styrofoam that was around it and is the size of my palm (fingers excluded). We tried out one at a local camera store here and it looks like it takes really great pictures. I'll try to get some posted pretty soon so you can judge for yourself.
I also ordered a puzzle ring from ($18.99) I've been wanting one for awhile but not enough to pay the $40-$50 for one. They also have $1 shipping on anything that you order from them for the month of March.
Also, for those of you that like tartans (like I do!!) there's a site where you can design your own. Here's the link-- design your tartan. I have one created that I am working on as the backgound for my blog instead of the brown that's currently here. Have fun!



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