Thursday, May 12, 2005


Today marks 3 years that Rob and I have been married. There is no one that I'd rather ride the roller coaster of life with. Rob is my friend and companion in every way. He is the love of my life, a wonderful husband and a devoted father. Thank you so much, Dear, for your love, patience, kindness generosity, devotion to family, and perserverance. I love you.

yours always.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Stomach Bug round 2

Well, it happened again. We went out of town and came back with a stomach bug but this time it was all four of us plus my parents. It began Saturday with my youngest being sick. Then He seemed better on Sunday. Then Monday it hit the rest of us like a Mack truck. Monday, at about 3am I woke up sick then shortly followed by my oldest and then my husband. It was all the my husband and I could do to pull it together to get our sons to the doctors. Atleast the test for rotavirus came back negative. The little one seems to be doing ok as far as hydration this time so hopefully we can stay out of the hospital. Today was a better day than yesterday. We all felt better, though still not 100%. My poor parents had to cancel their trip as they would have been leaving today. Mother is better but Dad is worse.

We did have a good time in Dallas. We explored a new mall there that also has a childrens play area and visited our old favorite, the Galleria, that has an awesome childrens play area, and, of course, the shopping is great too! Glad to be home and even more glad to be feeling better today.

Just want to say to BKW--thanks for all of your help with our sick little ones! I couldn't have made it without you! I love you, always.