Thursday, June 29, 2006

New links

I finally added a couple of new links that I've been meaning to add. Check out "The daily life of...", "The Woglemuths", and "Thinking out loud" some time!

Monday, June 26, 2006

I got a letter from our neighborhood school on Friday. J got in! I can't believe it. In a few months I'll be taking my little baby to pre-k. It seems unreal.

My parents finally made it to London. They were supposed to leave Sat. morning at 11:45 but they got a call that morning that their flight was cancelled but they would be leaving at 3:45 that afternoon. I went to the airport to see them off and their flight didn't end up leaving until after 4. They got to Atlanta and their next flight was supposed to leave at 9:45 pm. Due to weather conditions they didn't leave until 12:55am! They finally made it to London and claimed their luggage and went through customs. When they got to the place that they are staying they realized that their luggage and everything in it was soaked! I guess the Atlanta airport left it out in the rain or else they strapped it to the top of the plane or something! They were glad to get there and this morning they were leaving for Edinburgh and will be there until Wednesday. YAY for them :-D

I've been reading lots of new, cool stuff and trying to get the house in shape a little. We were going to go to AR for a day visit to see our new little neice but A and J were both sick this week so we decided to stay home (didn't want to give anything to the new little baby!) We even missed church yesterday b/c we wanted to make sure that A didn't pass anything along to the other kids. J also ran some fever yesterday so we ended up missing evening church too.

I think that this week's going to be pretty quiet. Rob gave me an early birthday present last night-Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie. I've been a fan of the show since I can remember.
Thanks, dear! I love it!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well, my boys never cease to amaze me. A has decided that he's as big as J and that he wants to wear underwear. So, last week he found a pair of J's underwear and proceeded to put them on correctly on the outside of his shorts. He was so proud,

He's also decided that he wants to "tee-tee potty" and has done so every day for almost a week. He goes in the bathroom and says "tee-tee potty" and starts pulling at his diaper. I help him with his diaper and he sits down and tee-tee's in the potty. I don't know what to think! He's so funny!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I know it's been awhile but it's been pretty busy here lately.

May 6th-baby shower for my sis in law...went really well...shower was in Malvern,AR. We went up that Saturday and came home Sunday before church.

May 7th-6pm...Veggie Connections...we had 11 "spring fever" filled 3-5 year olds. (We don't usually have 5 yr olds too but this particular evening the 5 yr olds were supposed to be going somewhere and he apparently was late and missed the bus.) The lesson was on "How God shows His love for us" --tough lesson to teach to a small room full of WIRED kids. A managed to get through it some how...Rob and I are the helpers in the class.

May 12-13-Rob and I went to Shreveport for a little anniversary trip. It was fun...we went to the boardwalk over there and shopped, had a quiet supper, got icecream, and went to a movie. Then Saturday we went to the airshow at Barksdale. It was awesome! From parachuting, to stunt pilots, to flying in formations, plus all the planes on the ground that you could go up to and some even go was very neat.

May 14th-Mother's Day...Rob cleaned the kitchen...a WONDERFUL mother's day present!!

This week I've been keeping 9 week old twins for friends of mine. With my 2 on top of that, sometimes it seem like a circus. The boys love them though.
Next week is preschool registration.

skipping way ahead...(I've been working on this post for almost a month!)

ok, I got Johnny registered for pre-k...won't know til the end of this month whether he'll "get in" or not. They only take so many kids. The next week it was time for.....

Vacation Bible School!!-it was a blast. Our theme was the Incredible Race and by Friday I felt like I had been running the race. I had 11 Kindergarteners from 8:45 am-11:45 am. It was fun, they were a great group. I was sad at the closing program realizing that it would be a whole year before VBS again. I had a FANTASTIC helper-AJ- I couldn't have done it without you! You're the best. Thanks a TON!

My sis-in-law is full term now and if she doesn't go into labor on her own, they are going to induce tomorrow. She's had some issues with blood pressure and swelling lately and so the Dr. wants her to go ahead and have the baby. I can't wait to meet my new little niece!

This past weekend we went to AR to see family and ended up staying a little longer and got to see friends too! We stayed at a hotel and got to swim. My hubby went golfing Sat. morning with his dad, brother and his sister in law's brother. I guess that would make him his brother in law too? I dunno. I think they all enjoyed the "male bonding" time.

This week Andy has an appt with an ENT to see about putting tubes in his ears. ICK! I hope that we don't have to do that. Right now it's just a possibility, not a definant. Other than that, I hope it's going to be a pretty quiet week. Mom and Dad leave in 11 days for London! YAY for them. One day, hopefully, Rob and I can take a trip to Edinburgh. Maybe for our 10 yr. anniversary? That would be FUN!!! That's only 6 yrs. away. Wow...time flies.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Happy Birthday!

My littlest turned 2 today. I can't believe it! Happy birthday little sweetness.