Monday, January 02, 2006

Goodbye 2005...

Wow. It's 2006 already! One more year and I will have been out of Highschool for 10 years. Time flies. This year started out with a bang. My husband lost his grandfather-Marvin Millard Kirchoff--in a car accident on January 7th. Our loss is heaven's gain.
My youngest turned 1 on June 7th.
My oldest turned 3 on July 31st.
On November 9th my mother in law was rushed to the hospital with stroke-like symptoms. Ten days later she had brain surgery to remove a tumor that we now know is cancer. One month later she started radiation and chemo therapy. We don't really know what her prognosis is. Some family members say it's hopeful and some say it's hopeless. Rob and I have yet to talk to a Dr. so we don't know. How's she doing? Well, I don't really know. I've never seen anybody close to me go through this before. She's not in a wheel chair or anything like that. The medication and chemo and radiation isn't making her nauseous or anything. She hasn't lost any hair. So I guess in that way she's doing good, just sleeping a lot and so much of her independance has been taken away. She thrived on independance so how does a bird do when you clip it's feathers? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Rob's brother says it's the worst of the worst and that she probably won't make it through the year. I'm a skeptic though and have trouble believing a lot of what he says. (even stuff that's not related to this). Even if you did believe it was the worst of the worst wouldn't you HOPE for something better? Maybe I just don't want to believe it's the worst of the worst and, even if it is, God is bigger than this and if it's His will to heal her then He will. I've quit asking the questions of "how much longer" because when you put it in perspective, none of us know how much longer any of us has. It really makes you take a step back and look at life from the perspective of every day is a gift from God and that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. That was just head knowledge until all of this happened and now it's really sinking in.

Here's to 2006,hope for the future and better things to come!