Friday, July 15, 2005

twice in a week!

WOW! Two posts this week. I managed to get my sis-in-law (to be in Septmeber) blogging.YAY! There is a link to her blog on my sidebar.

Happy Friday! I think it's going to be a pretty quiet weekend for us. We've got some housecleaning to do. Nothing big planned, though. I have all the invites written and ready to mail for my oldest's birthday party on the 30th. I think that my wonderful and hardworking husband is going to mow this weekend. I"m glad he takes care of that. I think it will also be a carwash weekend too. Our cars need it something terrible and J also gets into it.

Mom and Dad's anniversary is Saturday-28 years! yay them! They were going to do something big for their 25th but I got married and had a baby so they decided not to. Oh well, maybe one day we can suprise them with a trip or something to make up for it.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The baby shower was a success. We had tons of food left over but our husbands took care of that for us. On Monday I did my returns (returned the perculator that we had rented-AM shower, brunchy stuff--and cups and napkins--overbought to assure that we had plenty) I think it turned out pretty cute and if I get some pics I'll try to post them. I forgot to take my camera so I would need to get them from someone who had theirs.

My house looks like a tornado passed through. Housework was on the back burner last week so now I'm dealing with the aftermath. I finally got last week's laundry put away yesterday and I did get the dishes washed Sunday but there just seems to be clutter here and there. Oh well, it'll get done.

Next Friday (July 22) we fly to Odessa,TX to visit with Rob's dad. I'm looking forward to the trip but just kinda wondering how we're going to do this with 2 children and 2 carseats, none of which are negotiable. We change planes in Houston and we'll planeside check the carseats so we'll be juggleing a 2 year old and a 13 month old plus their respective carseats. It'll all work out. We are just going for the weekend. We leave at 9:30 Friday morning and will be back about 8:30ish Sunday night.

Update on the tomato plants--I've had several tomatoes from them...on the grape tomatoes, I think I'll just plant cherry tomatoes next year as these took too long to ripen. It's been fun having fresh tomatoes!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ramdom happenings

ok, so it's been way too long since I've updated this blog. What all has been going on, hmmm...Let's see. June 11th was A's 1st birthday party. It went great. He was showered in gifts, cake, and love. He's such a sweetie.

June 30th was my birthday. I'm now 26. Birthdays usually don't affect me but this one, I dunno. I was just kinda in a funk. I need to lose some weight and I think that's much of what the funk was about. My goal is to be at my goal weight by my next birthday (50 lbs. lighter) I can do it, it will just take dedication and hard work. Anyway, enough about that.

July 1st was a special day for my husband and me. It was the anniversary of our first date. Four years ago we had planned some friendly hangout time and we ended up going to dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant, to Books-A-Million for chai and browsing, and then to a movie. We ended up holding hands and we both knew that it was the start of something special. Four days later on July 5th, 2001, I left for 5 weeks to study and travel abroad. We talked everyday. We still have the stack of phone cards, all the e-mails, and even some of the IM chats from the internet cafes in London, Edinburgh, and Paris. I returned August 6th 2001 and from then on we were inseperable. We were so inseperable that I almost lost one of my best friends, not due to BKW but rather my own stupidity. Thank God that she forgave me and is still one of my best friends. I value her trustworthiness, loyalty, and honesty greatly. She got married June 5th of last year and I wasn't able to be there. I was big pregnant with our scond son at the time. He was born 2 days after her wedding. My ma in law taped the wedding for me (God Bless her for it) and when she called to let me know that she was at the wedding I cried and cried. I just wanted to be there so bad.

Back on track here...
This past weekend we hadn't planned on going out of town but after a conversation with my ma in law (a good conversation) Rob and I felt that we really needed to make a trip to AR to visit with family and so we did. I'm so glad that we did. It was worth it.

This coming weekend a friend and I are co-hostessing a baby shower for another friend. She's having her second baby so I guess this is more of a sprinkling than a shower but her first was a boy and her second is a girl so she needs some girlie things. She's due last part of August. Waaaayyy too hot to be pregnant in LA in August IMO.
Anyway. I think that's all that's been going on here.