Friday, March 03, 2006

Something blue...

Yesterday was a good day. We had lunch with friends that I haven't seen in forever (seemingly)It was paydayand we got our state taxes refund. The boys were cooperative while I did a little shopping. Work was nice and slow so I was able to chat with a friend in AR while she was in class and while I was at work mys husband informed me that he had gotten me a suprise. The whole rest of the 30 minutes at work, I'm sitting there trying to figure out what in the world it could be. I got home and here's how the conversation went.

me-"So what all did you get tonight?"

Rob-"oh, just (baby) wipes and ovaltine" (for moo juice aka-chocolate's a crisis if we don't have chocolate milk n the mornings...apparently that's their "coffee")

me-"oh? anything else?"

Rob-"yes, wait just a second, close your eyes." (Rob gets up and goes into the study)

me-*thinking* oh boy, he's found a new "geek" thing that he wants me to have--not that I mind having new geek toys...those are fun too, but I never expected what he was about to hand me.

It was in a long white box...with a smaller green box resembled a box that jewelry would come in and guess what, it was. I opened the box and inside was a BEAUTIFUL sapphire bracelet. 20 sapphires. White gold. Perfect. I was absolutely stunned. Speechless. I finally managed to muster a "wow, it's beautiful, thank you." Talk about a suprise! No special occasion. He just saw it and wanted to get it for me. Wow. His thoughtfulness blows my mind sometimes.