Wednesday, April 20, 2005

housework and yard work

The weather has been gorgeous but it feels more like summer than spring today. It's in the 80's here. Soon it will be time to put up our pool. My oldest already wants to go swimming.

This past weekend was productive. I got caught up on some housework and BKW and my dad put a tomato/flower bed together for me. My husband also mowed the lawn and cleaned out the carport. It looks sensational dear!!! I got my tomato plants planted, 6 in all and also planted some zinnas for a bit of color. Maybe I can get some pics posted on here. I'll try!

This week I've been doing housework and getting ready for a possible visit from my ma-in-law. I"m not sure if she's coming yet but the house needs to be clean anyway. Next week my husband has training for his work in Dallas and we are going with him. We'll be gone Tuesday-Friday. The place we'll be staying is really nice and has a nice pool, hopefully it will be warm enough to swim but I guess we'll see! Anyway. That's what's been happening here.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

where I've been...

Finally, after about 2 and a half weeks things are getting back to normal. We had a really good Easter and then after that the bottom fell out. The Thursday before Easter, my husband got a raise!! Then the following Monday both boys got sick while we were out of town with a pretty nasty cold. When we got back in town we went to the pediatrician and they both had ear infections in both ears as well. So we got meds for that. Then by Monday I had gotten the cold/sinus infection myself so I went to the Dr. to get meds so that I could feel better and take better care of my boys. Then Tuesday, my youngest started vomiting everything. After being showered in green peas Tuesday night, I took him to the Dr. on Wednesday and as we were checking in he proceeded to show the office why we were there. Yes, he vomited all over everything. The doctor said that it was probably a stomach bug (ya think?). Then Thursday, my oldest got the stomach bug and was unable to keep anything down. By Friday morning my little one was limp and still vomiting everything. So we went to the Dr. and she said "yep, dehydration" and my youngest was admitted to the hospital that day. He and I spent the weekend in the Pediatric unit. He slept most of the day Friday and by Saturday he started to come around. Sunday we went home and slept most of the afternoon. (we were just exhausted from being in the hospital and I was still kinda sick).

My oldest also had this stomach bug which we later learned was Rotavirus. We were very blessed that he didn't get dehydrated as well because then we all would have been at the hospital. He stayed home with daddy. I think by saturday afternoon he stopped vomiting completely.

Things are finally starting to get back to normal around here. The laundry pile is getting a little smaller. My cold is finally reduced to a sniffle. My ears finally quit hurting and got unstopped. The bruises on my youngest from the IV sticks and the blood drawing are finally turning yellow. The boys are doing MUCH better, although we're still being kinda cautious about their diets.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is where I've been.